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    FAQ - Property Investments Hollywood

    Q :Are the units new?

    A : There are 7 new units, meaning no one has ever lived in them.

    Q : When were these units built?

    A : There are two separate buildings. The first is the condo building which was completed in 2007. The loft building was finished in 2008.

    Q : What was the price of these units when they first were built?

    A : Condos: $320k - $430k Loft : $340k - $470k

    Q : How many units does TSG have in inventory?

    A : 46 total units. 37 loft units and 9 condo units.

    Q: How many total units are in the condo building?

    A : 214 total condos.

    Q : How many lofts are there in total?

    A : 93 total lofts.

    Q : Are there any rental restrictions?

    A : Minimum rental period is 3 months with a maximum of 4 times per year.

    Q : Are there any pet restrictions?

    A : 2 pets maximum – 35 lbs. each pet.

    Q : Do the condo and loft buildings share the same amenities?

    A : No, they do not.

    Q : What are the condo amenities?

    A : The amenities include: valet parking, 24/7 concierge service, fitness center, swimming pool, lounge style lobby, covered parking and meeting rooms.

    Q : What are the loft amenities?

    A : The loft amenities include: covered parking, ground floor swimming pool and individual storage spaces.

    Q : What does the condo HOA cover?

    A : It covers concierge service, building insurance, security, maintenance, water, basic cable and trash.

    Q : What does the loft building HOA cover?

    A : It covers water, trash removal, maintenance, building insurance.

    Q : How many parking spaces come with the condo units?

    A : Two parking spots no matter the size of the unit.

    Q : How many parking spaces come with the loft units?

    A : One parking spot, no matter the size of the unit.

    Q : What are the purchasing terms?

    A : Cash only. 10% down with execution of the contract with the remaining

    Q : What is the commission for the selling agent?

    A : 6% paid at closing.

    Q : How can a broker or realtor gain access to the property?

    A : By appointment only.